Park Homes VS Static Caravans

Static caravans are very popular among people who are into peaceful vacations far away from the busy city life. And this is the reason why family caravan holidays in Butlins, Skegness sees a huge footfall all throughout the year. However, besides holidaying in static caravans there are quite a few who prefer living in park homes as well. Although these luxury park caravans are quite similar to static caravans, when you get down to differentiate between the two based on all possible parameters, differences would start to show up.

Here are the basic differences between luxury holiday caravans and park homes.

Static caravans vs Park homes



Aesthetically, you wouldn’t be able to differentiate between the two. Both are detachable luxury caravans and can be re-located as and when required. But this is where the similarities end. Park homes are for private use only and can be owned by individuals. Hence, if you come across park homes now, you can be sure that the owners own the home only and not the land. On the flip side, static caravans are for family caravan holidays and are commercial. These caravans would be at their respective places till the holiday home provider does not relocate.



As far as legal requirements are concerned, Park homes and Static Holiday Caravans are governed by different regulations . Park homes are governed by the Mobile Homes Act 1983 and require strict building standards to be maintained. On the contrary, static holiday caravans follow EN1647 standards that permit lower build quality and insulation norms.


Now that you know the difference between park homes and static caravans, you are better equipped to choose which one is better on the affordability quotient.  While you would need to buy a park home to experience the comfort, you can easily hire static caravans at family caravan holidays in Butlins, Skegness. It would not only give you a perfectly relaxed experience, but also make you feel much lighter as far as your pockets are concerned. For more recommendations, call us, today!

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